La Palma in colour and shape

In the little wooden house at the back of the garden, I capture La Palma in colour and shape. The jagged dragon’s blood trees, the deep gorges traversing steep slopes, the blue of the ocean, the romantic Canarian houses, the bright light.

I paint and draw on paper which allows me to easily change the landscape infinitely with scissors and glue. It allows me to create new landscapes like an omnipotent. Whether the dragon tree is planned straight, left or not at all on the paper makes no difference in the end. The outcome is always the same: La Palma in colour and form.

There is only one copy of all paintings. A unique opportunity to own an original made-on-La-Palma artwork!

La Isla de La Palma con Drago (72 x 52) € 375
Drago costa norte de La Palma ( 61 x 45) € 425
El Drago y el caminante ( 59 x 78) € 425
Bosque de Dragos Las Tricias ( 52 x 63) € 425
Casa Roja en Tablado ( 58 x 78) € 425
Plaza Chica en Los Llanos ( 53 – 37) € 225
Casa con jardin en La Palma (53 – 37) € 325
Drago verde (28 x 28) € 275

Drago Azul
Lengte 38,5 cm Hoogte 29,5 cm
Bijzonderheden: ingelijst

Tres Dragos
Lengte 38 cm Hoogte 29 cm

Drago grande
Lengte 48 cm Hoogte 58 cm

Jardin del Sol
Lengte 36 cm, Hoogte 28.5 cm
Bijzonderheden: ingelijst

San Borondon vista desde La Palma
Lengte 27 cm Hoogte 20 cm
€ 75

La Palma desde ventana avión
Lengte 30 cm Hoogte 21 cm
Bijzonderheden: geschonken

Lengte 40 cm Hoogte 29 cm
€ 125

A work of art from La Palma on the wall

Technique: collage, acrylic, pastel.
Material: paper.

Colours may vary slightly from the images on this page.

If you are interested in one or more paintings, please send an e-mail to

We will send the original artwork by post from La Palma. Prices do not include shipping costs.

As soon as we have received your payment, your painting will be posted.

La Palma norte
Bijzonderheden: verkocht


Born in Friesland in 1963. Grew up in the north of Friesland.

Greatest artistic success a drawing of a castle in pink with a yellow fire-breathing dragon. It hung on the wall above the door of the group 4 classroom for months.

From high school Singer-songwriter with big dreams and little success. Best swap ever, trading accordion for Marjan.

Best decision move from the land of bleak winters to La Palma, the island of eternal spring. A change from Tom Waits to salsa, from grey low skies to the primary bright colours blue, yellow and red. Most beautiful gift ever given to myself a wooden hut at the back of the garden to paint La Palma.

A hut, a workshop where I started a quest for the essence of La Palma.

Like a child’s signature turns into a scribble over the years, my La Palma undergoes a slow metamorphosis. The destination of this creative journey is unimportant.

The source of inspiration is always La Palma.

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